Cold Calling

Belong to the Top 50 Best Cold Callers of Belgium in just 1 day

Imagine you could…

    • book 7 to 10 Sales meetings with just 20 telephone calls per week
    • get almost any prospect or client in a hypnotic-like “acceptance trance” in 20 seconds over the phone

  • be authentic and sound enthousiastic during each single cold call you make

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The House of Sales presents the best Cold Calling course in Belgium:

“How to Cold Call with a 34% Success rate?” – Training



Patryk Wezowski’s cold calling success rate is between 34% and 55% depending on the project. He will prove how easy it is during the first hour of this training. He will show his unique methodology and you will hear with your own ears what the effect is. Our definition of “cold calling success rate” is that Patryk is able to book a meeting in at least 34% of his cold calls.

The strategies to acheive a 34% success rate in cold calling is based on 3 ingredients:

  • innovative on-line tools: a unique combination of web tools that give you all the powerful information and preparation you need before and during your cold call
  • specific soft skills: the knowledge and mix of certain new and rarely used soft skills and know-how that will boost your efficiency
  • open mind: don’t stick to standard procedures. Our approach is highly effective if you are open to do it differently than you have done until now.

The essence of this training is how to warm up each cold call using Smart Working, a unique combination of internetbased tools, Web 2.0, 3.0 and social media. The strategy lies not only in what you say during the cold call, but also what you do before it. And if you end up with a genuine “cold call” after all, what you can do to create an atmosphere that will make your prospect feel like it isn’t a “cold call”.
Important note: The knowledge from this course is extremely powerful and will give all participants an unfair competitive advantage in their field. All persons that will be suspected of not pursuing an ethical business or not being respectful to their clients with long-term goals, will be immediatly disqualified from this course and receive a full refund. Moreover, before entering the course, all participants have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that they will only use the knowledge for their own Sales activities, and not give external or internal trainings or courses, and pursue similar training activities as us with our confidential techniques during the next 3 years. We have no problem with you talking with your friends about our techniques during lunch break, but we do not accept Sales Trainers that want to make the wisdom of this course part of their own curriculum.
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During this course you will discover:

  • How to get any prospect or client in a hypnotic-like “acceptance trance” in 20 seconds over the phone?
  • A proven creative method (and tool) almost nobody knows to call to your prospect at exactly the right time they are in the office? How to define this magic moment that is different for each person?
  • How to keep a prospect excited and literally glued to the phone while listening to you?
  • How to have your prospect wanting to see you anyway (even if they do not know about what)?
  • What easy thing you should do before calling, to be and sound enthousiastic and authentic during each new cold call?
  • The one magic word that has proven in scientific research to increase the probability of agreement to anything with more than 55%.
  • 50 sentence constructions that will make any Sales talk about any product gain 20% to 85% more efficient (depending on how good you are right now)
  • How to have your prospect commit over the phone to do something for you.
  • If you get a “no” this time, how to use this opportunity to transform it in a probable”yes” next time
  • How to decide before you call the decision-maker if it is a good idea to call at all, given the circumstances
  • The best way to have your prospect choose a date to meet with you
  • 3 Core competences you really need to integrate to boost your Sales skills
  • How to keep your prospect in an “acceptance trance” so they keep saying “yes” to almost anything
  • How to give your prospect immediatly the feeling that he/she is calling with you about a very important issue
  • What sentence constructions to use so your prospect must think really hard to escape from you being in control
  • How to speak to the reptile brain of your prospect, so his/her rational and logical thinking process gets shut down (and maybe does not power on again for some time)
  • What 5-word sentence to use to get past most secretaries. If it does not work, what other 3 smart options you can apply immediatly.
  • How to make cold calling a fun process? How to make your learning process a pleasant habit?
  • How to brake the vicious circle if you become tired or bored?
  • What combination of on-line tools you should use to give your prospect the feeling that you know his/her company from in-and-out?
  • If you don’t know anything about the company you are calling, how to talk so you get all information you need on the way while being percieved as really smart?
  • 5 Ideas and actions to make your prospect engage in a co-operation with you.
  • How to free yourself from negative emotions that block your true potential?
  • How to find names and telephone numbers of persons that you want to reach? How to make a chance to get phone numbers that usually are not given away?
  • How to mould partnerschips already during the first minute on the phone?
  • How to know during the first minute if it is worthwhile to arrange a meeting with the prospect? How to know it is probably loss of time for you to meet, even if he/she wants it?
  • What actions to take to acheive a cold calling succesrate between 30% and 50% in 6 to 12 weeks time (depending on how motivated you are to acheive it)?
  • How to double or triple your cold calling successrate already during the day of this course itself?

When and how will I acheive a 34% success rate?

This training wil boost your cold calling effectiveness immediatly with 20% to 80% (depending on how successful you are now). However, you will need a few weeks practice of the soft skills to acheive results of at least an absolute 34% success rate. For some persons it might be a couple of days, for others a couple of months. One is certain: with this training you will gain the knowledge and insights to get there as soon as you have put the wisdom in practice.

Course planning:

  • 9:00 – 12:30: Patryk reveals all ingredients of his cold calling strategies. Technical overview of internet tools, interactive presentation and exercises on the required soft skills.
  • 12:30 – 13:15: Lunchbreak (included in course fee)
  • 13:15 – 17:30: You will practice the acquired strategy with your own laptop and phone. Personal Coaching. Q&A in between.



PATRYK WEZOWSKI – Business Creation Specialist, Director of New Vision

Patryk inspires business leaders to create new ways of increasing revenue. Companies ask him for consultancy and strategic advice on vision and mission. As a multidisciplinary catalyst, he excels in inspiring Managers to create higher ROI by innovation and change of perception. He is also known as the Body Language Expert of Belgium, the founder of the Center for Body Language and creator of the Release Coaching method. Two weeks before the Belgian elections, newspapers published his prediction of the results, based on the non-verbal communication of the politicians. His prediction proved to be 85% accurate. The effectiveness of Patryk’s Release Coaching method is now being researched by the KUL University of Leuven.

Founder of New Vision – Kasia Jedrzejczak

Kasia is co-creator of the Release Coaching Method and specialized in change acceleration and transformation facilitating. As an System Therapy Expert and unique Business Coach, accredited by the ICC and PPA, she excels in corporate mediations, conflict management and family therapy. She is the creator of more than 30 methods for Stress Management, Emotional Consciousness and Leadership Development. Participants of Kasia’s trainings report that she is able to remove completely all stress of anybody within 5 minutes. Kasia’s mission is to inspire the leaders of leaders, by unifying Business and Personal Transformation. She puts this in practice by Corporate Trainings, Business Coaching and Mediation. She works for big companies such as Generali, Compensa, Getin Noble Bank, in the same time she gives personal development workshops. Kasia has completed 3 university Master degrees at the same time: Psychology, Sociology and Law. Combined with her passion for extreme travelling, immersing herself in exotic cultures, she has a passion for organizational dynamics, radical effectiveness and human behavior.

+ Members of The House of Sales will also participate in this unique training and share their experience and wisdom.

Practical details:

When? Tuesday 11 October 2011 – from 9:00h to 17:00h

Where? Boniverlei 35, 2650 Edegem

What to bring? Bring your own laptop and mobile phone to practice the acquired strategy on the spot (if you have no laptop you can use ours). Lunch and drinks are included.

Course fee: 1950 euro after 1 July 1450 euro (excl VAT) if you subscribe before 1 July 2011. Maximum 8 participants. Included: Lunch + drinks + course materials + pre-course assessment + exercises.

How to subscribe?

Fill in the form below or call Patryk on +32 496 55 08 70 for more information. Your subscription is complete when we receive 300 euro advance payment on our account BE65 7370 3062 8296.

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